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When it comes to personal growth, the amount of information out there is almost suffocating. What to read? What to watch? What to listen to? Who to follow?

On this page, I will be sharing links to some of my favorites.

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18 Words to Put your Anxiety in Check

There will always be stuff that needs to get done, to-do lists full of obligations, people who count on me, and sometimes I will climb those mountains and reach the summit, or at least get high enough to feel accomplished. And other times I will trip on the way up and come tumbling down, usually with zero grace and a slightly bruised ego. But I can also choose what and how much goes on that to-do list.

Delight in Uncertainty

We might instinctively dislike uncertainty, but in truth, we would be so bored without it. Imagine watching a movie and always knowing how it turns out, or reading the same book over and over. We want surprise, adventure, and possibility.